Waterfront Park Rules


  • Our park is open for your enjoyment from dawn to sunset, unless otherwise specified. Inquiries regarding the hosting of events can be obtained from the City of Plaquemine Mayor’s Office at 225-687-3116.
  • Please observe that patrons under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian to enter or use our park. Such adult or guardian is responsible for the behavior of minors.
  • Recreational fishing and boating is encouraged. Overnight boat stays at the park must be pre-approved. Please observe a no-wake zone from the Bayou Plaquemine Train Bridge to the Plaquemine Lock State Historic Site. Commercial fishing activities are not permitted in or from the park. Fish cleaning is not permitted on site.
  • To ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, the following activities are not permitted, unless pre-authorized or approved by the city: alcoholic beverages, camping, unattended parked vehicles during closed hours; fireworks, camp or cooking fires, illegal paraphernalia, sales solicitation, loud music.
  • Please observe safety rules as jumping, diving or swimming from the floating piers, boardwalk, sidewalks or railings is not permitted. The park is not designed for skateboarding, rollerblading, motorized vehicles or bicycles on sidewalks nor boardwalk. The operation of motorized model aircraft or model watercraft within the park is not permissible. Please drive safely within the park. Bayou Water Front Park is handicap accessible.
  • We ask you to avoid littering within our park. The damage or removal of property, unauthorized signage posting or handout material distribution and disposing of improper trash is considered littering. As you must provide a leash for your animal, please remove all droppings properly.
  • The Park Regulations are in accordance with the provisions of City of Plaquemine Code of Ordinances Sections 14-25 through 41, including Park Regulations and guidelines.
Night view of the Bayou